1. Museum Visit: Students will visit Los Angeles County Museum of Art Exhibition, REIGNING MEN: FAHSION IN MEN’S WEAR, 1715-2015.   Students will post a 300-500 word visit report with sketches of the garments, which inspire the text. http://www.lacma.org/art/exhibition/reigning-men-fashion-menswear 

2. Final Project 50 pts 

Students will write a focused 2000-3500 word research paper, with references, including 10-15 images with sources, a reproduction of the garment discussed in your paper and a 3-5 minute timed presentation from your blog.

Topic Presentation Monday April 25
Monday May 9 (Outline and in process making)
Wednesday May 25 (draft of paper and making portion complete, bring for grade)

    1. Research paper:  2000-3500 word, 10-15 images or videos, with sources.  Think about this paper like you are writing a fashion article for a blog, or online journal.   15 pts.
      1. Outstanding 15-10 pts.  3500 or more words, no grammar issues, references sited, and well thought out and organized paper.
      2. Satisfactory 10-5 pts.  2000-3500 words, some grammar issues, not all references sited, line of thinking is confusing.
      3. Needs improvement 5 – 0 pts.  2000 and below words, lots of grammar issues, references not sided, no clear line of thought.
    2. Reproduction of the garment discussed in paper.  10 pts.
      1. 10-7 pts Outstanding.  Student goes extra mile in making a perfect replica.
      2. 6-4 pts.  Satisfactory.  Does assignment, but not executed well.
      3. 3-0 pts. Sloppy, unfinished work
    3. 3-5 minute timed presentation. 10 pts.
      1. Outstanding 10-5 pts well rehearsed presentation, completes all information in time allowed.
      2. Needs improvement 5-0 pts, unrehearsed goes over or under time.




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