Student Presentation topics


The following student topics were shared and approved today.  If you were not in class today, you need to get me your research topic, and it has to be something different from the list below.


Professor Lung


  1.  Alvin B – Darusk Armenian Headdress
  2. Staci B – Scottish clothing: Kilts and Tartans
  3. Yvonne C – Jackie O look of 1960’s
  4. Cat C – 1970’s punk
  5. Yan D – silk road influences on Chinese clothing
  6. Jasmin F – Flapper dress
  7. Lala G – Queen Elizabeth i coronation robes
  8. Maria G – Aztec high priests
  9. Erika G – Huangengo traditional Mexican shirt.
  10. Jaime G – Leg of Mutton sleeve orgins and 1980’s
  11. Danielle H – Rick Ownes and his muse Michelle
  12. Jasmine J – Foot binding and Corsets
  13. Annette L – Cambodian Dance costume
  14. Alexander L – Dandy undergarments
  15. Edgar M – 2 piece men’s swimwear
  16. Reva O – African American church hats
  17. Leslie O – Black women’s undergarments in France and Spain
  18. Evelyn R – Tuscon Squaw dress
  19. Patrice R – Russian Kokoshnik headdress
  20. Colin R – Miltary neckwear
  21. Hazel S – Egyptian bead net dress
  22. Mary T –
  23. Waylie T – 19 century Vietnamese dress
  24. Haley L – Queen Nefertiti
  25. Virgina R – Zoot suit
  26. Sara Hamalainen – Cleopatra

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